Baby attachment

Baby attachment for stair high chair tiSsi®.

In the middle of family life from birth

Strengthen bonding and encourage interaction with the ergonomic newborn attachment for your tiSsi® stair high chair.

The baby attachment from tiSsi® puts your newborn at eye level with the family right from the start. Meals and moments together become precious experiences.

Why the baby attachment tiSsi®?

  • Early interaction: promoting eye contact and bonding through time together at the dinner table.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable: the attachment is shaped so that your baby lies comfortably and safely.

Flexible application

  • 2-position tilt adjustment: Ideal when your child starts to get complementary food. Comfortable and back-friendly feeding is guaranteed.

Safe and sustainable

  • Additional tilt safety: Like all tiSsi® products, the focus here is also on safety.
  • Quality-tested production: No use of harmful substances. Your baby is in safe hands with us.

The baby attachment from tiSsi® is the first step into a joint and interactive family life.

Features, functions and advantages

The tiSsi® high chair raises your child to the optimal sitting position. The tiSsi® is designed so that the chair brings your child closer to the table, allowing them to witness social interactions and learn from you at an early age.

Now even, through the baby attachment , interaction can begin from birth.

Sitting with you allows the child to bond better and develop better language and social skills. 

The award-winning tiSsi® high chair exceeds all international safety standards due to its long development process.

Safety and the use of ecologically safe materials are top priorities in the production of the tiSsi®, because your child's well-being is very important to us.

Care instructions

The tiSsi ® should only be wiped with a damp cloth and then rubbed with a dry cloth. The colours of the tiSsi® may change due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

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