Midwives in Germany are finding it increasingly difficult these days.

Due to rising insurance premiums and far too low rates of remuneration, to name just a few of the problems, the profession of midwifery is becoming increasingly uninteresting and could, in the worst case, lead to the extinction of the profession.

In our opinion, this profession is one of the most important in Germany.

Midwives accompany expectant parents not only on the way to the birth of the child, but also beyond.

For these reasons, we have created a special offer for midwives with which we would like to help at least a little bit.

No one is closer to expectant parents than you as a midwife.

Therefore, you can benefit from our special prices for midwives.

How does it work?

... very simple !

simply register with us as a midwife.

Simply fill out our contact form below with your details. We will then send you the special conditions for you immediately.

Please note that this will not incur any costs or any obligation on your part.