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NOW NEW: Oriental Rose

Our popular FELIX learning tower is now available in a new color! We present: Oriental Rose! The tasteful rosé color blends harmoniously with a wide variety of surfaces and sets a unique accent that not only children love! With "Oriental Rose", our popular "FELIX" learning tower becomes a real eye-catcher. Now available in the store!

Excellent product quality

We are delighted to have received another award from the German Institute for Product and Market Evaluation! Our FELIX learning tower has been awarded the seal for EXCELLENT PRODUCT QUALITY 2024. We already received the award for HIGHEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION a few months ago. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are very important to us. We are always happy to receive suggestions and comments. If one of our products does not meet your requirements, our colleagues in the service department will be happy to help you at any time! The best thing to do is simply write us a message!

For a safe childhood

Safety and quality are the top priorities in the manufacture of all tiSsi® products. We completely avoid the use of polluting substances. Safety and the use of ecologically safe materials are top priorities in the production of the tiSsi® range!

When developing our products, we always ensure compliance with all current DIN standards to guarantee maximum safety for your children.

Nothing is more important to us than the welfare of the children!

For infinite moments

What is more beautiful than close moments and the smiles of our children?

Well-being is indispensable for this. Our tissi articles are all the results of years of research and development.

Everything so that the little ones can feel good all around and develop optimally.

For shared experiences

Time together in which the little ones can learn a lot from us is incredibly precious.

With our products, the little ones are always as close as possible to the action and thus learn interactions from us at an early age.

A very precious and at the same time unforgettable time.

For relaxed moments

Simply coming to rest and growing from quiet moments. Our little ones need that too.

For example, relaxing in the tissi high chair reading a book: the perfect place to relax that is also one of the safest.

FELIX" learning tower

The discovery tower/learning tower from tiSsi ® raises your child to the optimum position. The tower has been designed to bring your child closer to the kitchen or table, allowing them to experience social interactions and learn from you from an early age. By helping you cook, your child can build a better bond and develop better language and social skills.

Side beds / cribs

The "HAJO", "SOPHIE" and "MAXI" co-sleepers and cribs are perfect from day one. Newborns feel the security and closeness of their parents and therefore sleep much better at night. Right next to the parents' bed, you maintain your sleeping comfort and always have a view of your biggest treasure! Thanks to the supplied locking rail, you can convert the tiSsi ® foldaway bed into a bassinet or full-size crib in just two simple steps.

Stair high chair tiSsi

tiSsi ® the comfortable and ergonomic seat for children aged 6 months and over, fits any dining table thanks to its unique S-shape. In addition, it offers extra safety against tipping over, especially when the little ones want to push themselves off the table.

The tiSsi ® high chair from DawOst raises your child to the optimal sitting position. tiSsi ® was designed so that little ones can sit at the table with you from an early age and thus learn important social interactions.

Folding playpen

Flexible and safe - our fast all-rounders. Our flexible products are perfect for small flats, day care centres, hospitals and hotels. Even for a visit to the grandparents, a safe and comfortable recliner should not be missing!

With the "LIES" and "MORITZ" playpens, you can adapt to the conditions at any time.

Foldable children's bed "JORI"

With our high-quality and practical "JORI" folding bed, little ones can be in their dreamland in no time at all! The space-saving all-rounder impresses with maximum comfort and safety! Perfect for grandma & grandpa, hotels or guest rooms!


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