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tiSsi ® climbing toy

The versatile climbing toy from tiSsi®.

The climbing paradise for living room and children's room.

The climbing toy from tiSsi® is more than just a toy. It is a developmental space based on the principles of Pikler pedagogy that provides children with a safe environment for physical and mental development.

Why the tiSsi® climbing toy?

  • Versatile movement: From climbing to sliding - the tiSsi® equipment promotes important motor skills and prepares for everyday movements such as climbing stairs.
  • Adaptable and expandable: The slide/cloud ladder and climbing arch are perfect additions to the Pikler triangle and offer numerous combination possibilities.

Specifications and customizability

  • Adjustable slide: Change the angle of the slide for different speeds and challenges.
  • Rung suspension on both sides: The slide/cloud ladder can serve as a connecting element between the Pikler triangle and the climbing arch.

Safety and quality

  • Tested materials: no use of polluting substances, because your child's safety is our top priority.

The tiSsi® Pikler Triangle serves as an indoor climbing frame and allows children to develop their motor skills safely and playfully. Ideal for discovering physical limits and self-challenge.

The versatile tiSsi® slide/cloud ladder provides endless fun and is compatible with Pikler triangles and climbing arches. The adjustable tilt angle allows for different climbing and sliding speeds, making it ideal for children of different ages.

The tiSsi® slide/cloud ladder with rungs on both sides also serves as a connecting element between the Pikler triangle and climbing arch, for even more climbing opportunities and play fun. In the manufacture of all our products, we place the highest value on safety and quality, and consistently refrain from using polluting substances.

The tiSsi® climbing toy is the safe and versatile space where your child can discover and develop his skills - playfully and with fun.

The tiSsi® climbing toy is now available in specialized shops!

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