The tiSsi ® Learning Tower

About our learning tower and why your child absolutely needs it

Thanks to our learning tower "Felix", your child is always present and can learn so many interactions from you.

A secure footing is indispensable!

Surely we all know it, the good old step stool. Quickly pushed to the kitchen counter or other places, the child now stands much higher and can watch us cooking, for example. But who hasn't experienced it: time and again an arm goes to the child to keep it from falling down. But that doesn't happen in the learning tower. Here, the child is protected all around and can move freely on its site without constraint and in complete safety.

Your little darling can concentrate fully on what he is doing. He is not overwhelmed by sitting or standing quietly on a normal chair, and parents, on the other hand, can also relax when they know that the tower cannot topple over.

The idea for the learning tower is based on the well-known Montessori pedagogy.

"Montessori education is a global, social movement that aims to benefit children all over the world. This Montessori movement is characterised by people who are committed to treating children and young people with care and respect. Every child is a valuable individual and has a right to quality education. Numerous adults are committed to this right."
(Source: Montessori Germany).

 Of course, we also have a few ideas for you and your little treasure, for a little lesson in the learning tower:

  • What tastes sweet? What tastes sour? Explain the differences in taste to your child with the help of different types of fruit.
  • Which colours are around the little ones? Look for objects in the field of vision together and assign the respective colour to them.
  • The child wants to help? Let them help you sift flour, stir dough or cut out biscuits,
  • Water march! Let the little ones wash fruit, vegetables or even dishes.
  • The learning tower can also be a great help in the bathroom.
    Washing hands, brushing teeth?
    No problem!

As you can see, there are no limits to the possibilities. Let the child/children participate in your daily routine as much as possible and learn from it!
Have fun trying it out!