Extra beds

Advantages of the baby cot

Side beds are actually not a new invention and yet the market regarding them is booming more and more every year. Understandable, because sometimes you notice that ideas and implementations that have already been tried and tested are still good and perhaps even better than comparable alternatives in this day and age. For decades, the extra bed has been used especially in the first weeks of the newborn's life, but the bed can also be used for some time afterwards, when the child is a few months old. In the following article, we summarise all the advantages of rollaway beds for your baby.

Extra beds for more safety at the beginning

Even if you have just had your first child and now think that everything is new and unfamiliar for you, you must not forget that the same is true for your offspring. Even if you have already raised one or more siblings, the new life for the baby is completely new.

That's why safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to keeping the new family member comfortable. Cots allow the baby to be very close to the mother. Because the mother is the only thing the child knows in the first moments and days of its life. There are also adults who feel uncomfortable at night when they have to be alone. Of course, it is very similar with small children and babies.

The immediate proximity to the mother is very important for the baby, especially when waking up at night.

Ideal bonding with the extra bed

However, an extra bed not only provides an increased sense of security for the baby. The relationship between parents and child is also strengthened when both parents and child are in the same room and can react quickly to each other. Going to sleep and waking up together helps the baby to relax. In this way, you as parents can also sleep more peacefully. 

The rest leaves more energy for stressful everyday situations that may arise sooner or later. The baby quickly realises: nothing can happen to me because my parents are in the room. A short cuddle in between, when the child wakes up at night, is no problem and possible in no time.

The great thing is also that not only the mother has to take on this part. The father can also take the child on his side and take care of the nightly waking up. This way there is a fair exchange between "sleeping" and "taking care of the baby".

Breastfeeding with an extra bed

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you can benefit even more from a baby cot. Because as soon as the baby is awake, it can be taken directly from the cot into your arms. It is therefore not necessary to get up at all. Even if you are not breastfeeding and are bottle-feeding, one of you can soothe the baby, rock it in your arms and give it a good talking-to while you or your partner prepare the drink for your baby.

The effective division of labour works quickly and in a relaxed manner, so that it can quickly go back to the land of dreams. A rollaway bed therefore means comfort - both for you and the baby.

Nothing stands in the way of a happy, shared family life!