It's a family business

Who are we? Especially a family business - already in its seventh generation!

And that is important to us. We work as a family for families in order to be as close as possible to our big and small customers.

Here, everything revolves around articles that make life with our children easier, more beautiful and safer.

But what does tiSsi stand for?
We are always happy to tell you this story.

Who hasn't experienced it - a child's first attempts to pronounce various names. And so it was that our boss Matthias was always called "Tissi" by his younger sister. And as things are decided democratically in a family, the brand name for the children's furniture division was quickly decided?

It is important to release the self-development potential of the individual child within an environment that is attuned to it. We are the ones who help the children to lead a life that is as self-fulfilled and full of ideas as possible through our own and joint interactions. Therefore, it is especially important to give the children closeness and to let them participate in everyday life.

Whether it is the direct proximity at night in the tiSsi cot next to the parents, quiet times of observation in the tiSsi playpen or in the tiSsi high chair, but also the strong grasp of activities in the tiSsi learning tower next to you. It is the simple quiet observations, but also the concrete explanations that make our children grow.

tiSsi children's furniture gives your children not only the ability but also the motivation for self-development. The adult observes the child and provides an environment that is equipped to meet the child's needs. He helps the child when he needs his help. He accompanies the child into new tasks. He also accompanies the child as far as necessary in the group, where it makes important social experiences - tisSi children's furniture offers the simple support and the necessary security.

High quality thinking is a basic requirement for us. Sustainability is indispensable. We only develop durable articles that can be used for a long time (some of them grow with the child) and can also be passed on from generation to generation.

We have the best product testers in our own children, the children of our friends and the children of our colleagues.
And yet we are always very happy to receive your feedback and comments.

Let us convince you of our products, our service and our expertise.

Your tiSsi Team