Learning tower "FELIX" by tiSsi®

Your child at eye level with the world

With the tiSsi® learning tower "FELIX" your child is not just a spectator, but right in the middle of the action. Experience time together in the kitchen, at the dining table or at the sink - always at eye level.

Why the learning tower "FELIX" from tiSsi®?

  • Closer up: cooking, baking or washing hands - your child experiences everything from the front row and learns through play.
  • Individually adaptable: Thanks to 3-stage height adjustment "FELIX" fits everywhere. Whether kitchen island or washbasin, the height is no problem.

Quality that convinces

  • Above-average safety: The learning tower exceeds all safety standards. Your child is in the best hands with us.
  • Sustainable and safe: We use only ecologically safe materials. Because the health of your child is close to our hearts.

Durability guaranteed

  • With a load capacity of up to 250 kg, the learning tower "FELIX" is the reliable companion that grows with your child - from the first independently learned interactions to adolescence. (Important otherwise we contradict our statements that you are only allowed in the learning tower when you can get in and out independently).

Family starts with us™. That's why the "FELIX" tiSsi® learning tower is more than just a piece of furniture. It is the foundation for shared experiences and valuable learning moments.

Article features
  • Growing with the child - even the smallest children can stand at eye level at the kitchen worktop and help with cooking
  • Height-adjustable stand and footrest
  • Easy to mount
  • Solid beech wood guarantees long durability and provides high stability
  • Extremely tilt-resistant on all sides
  • ergonomically developed
  • Dimensions built up (WxHxD): approx. 40 x 89 x 40 cm
  • Product weight: approx. 9 kg
  • Load capacity: 250 kg

Exclusive special colours:

in BLACK and

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Anti-slip mat for learning tower "FELIX" by tiSsi®

Even more safety for your learning tower

The tiSsi® anti-slip mat makes the learning tower "FELIX" even safer and supports the independence of your child. Whether splashing in the water or other activities, the grip is guaranteed.

Why the tiSsi® anti-slip mat?

  • Safety Plus: The mat gives your child extra stability and makes using the learning tower even safer.
  • Promotes independence: Your child can climb the learning tower independently and safely - even if it gets wet.

Quality you feel

  • Durable Material: Made of sustainable, durable silicone that stands up to minor mishaps.
  • Perfect addition: Our anti-slip mat fits perfectly to the tiSsi® learning tower "FELIX" and increases its already high safety standard.

Accuracy of fit

  • The mat is specially designed for the tiSsi® learning tower "FELIX", which can be easily adjusted to the size of your child.

With a load capacity of up to 250 kg, our learning tower "FELIX" is a reliable companion through childhood.

The learning tower "FELIX" by tiSsi® exceeds all international safety standards. With the anti-slip mat, the stability is increased even further. For a safe growing up of your child!

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Article features
  • Fits any learning tower Felix from tiSsi®.
  • Increased safety for the little ones
  • Product weight: approx. 1 kg
  • Sustainably made from silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Dimensions small mat: approx. 12 x 35 cm
  • Dimensions large mat: approx. 27 x 35 cm

    Care instructions:
    The anti-slip mat from tiSsi® can be cleaned under running water as well as in dishwashers

Writing and painting board for the learning tower "FELIX" by tiSsi®.

Creativity meets functionality. The perfect upgrade for your learning tower!

The tiSsi® writing and painting board transforms the learning tower "FELIX" into a play and learning station. Whether drawing shopping lists or creating works of art, the possibilities are endless.

Why the tiSsi® writing and coloring board?

  • Double benefit: Your learning tower goes from helper to toy in the blink of an eye and encourages your child's creativity.
  • Interactive experience: ideal for your first writing attempts or creative drawings while you're busy in the kitchen.

Sustainability and quality

  • Made of wood: Sustainable and robust, just like all tiSsi® products.
  • Easy to handle: Can be written on with chalk and easily washed off for endless fun.

Perfect complement

  • More fun, longer use: The board not only extends the life of the learning tower, but also makes it more versatile.
  • Safety included: Like all tiSsi® products, the focus is on your child's safety.

The tiSsi® writing and coloring board is the perfect addition to your learning tower "FELIX" by tiSsi®!

Article features
  • Fits any learning tower Felix from tiSsi®.
  • Increased safety for the little ones
  • Even longer useful life and more fun with the tiSsi® learning tower
  • Sustainably made from wood
  • Easy to write on and wash off
Features, functions and advantages
With the new writing and coloring board for the tiSsi® discovery tower,
you create further added value.
Thus, the tiSsi® learning tower is not only an absolutely practical helper in the
daily life but is enhanced by the optional addition in the
In the twinkling of an eye also becomes a toy.
Due to the chalk easy to write on and wash off again,
the creativity of small and large is awakened and encouraged.
Perhaps also an optimal help for you, if the little ones have the
Draw shopping list while you are active in the kitchen.
Another advantage of the new article is the extension of the
Useful life of the learning tower.
Suitable for
The tiSsi® learning tower Felix, which with only a few simple
can be adjusted to the size of your child.
As a practical tool in everyday life with child, the learning tower offers
especially safe stand and children aged 1-4 years.
adequate freedom of movement. The optionally attachable panel is for
all ages usable.
With a load capacity of up to 250 kg the perfect companion up to the
The tiSsi® learning tower exceeds all international safety standards due to its long development process.
Our anti-slip mats further increase safety.
Care instructions
The writing and coloring board for the FELIX learning tower by tiSsi® can simply be wiped with a damp cloth and rewritten with chalk.

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